[forge-dev] Beer! Forge 1.1.0.Final Released!

Lincoln Baxter, III lincolnbaxter at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 09:38:55 EDT 2012

If you were involved in helping to release or get issues into Forge
1.1.0.Final, please go out and have a beer. George has just done the
release, and I am proud to say that it is the most impressive, most
bug-fixes, most usability enhancements release we've ever had!

Check out the release notes and blog post (
http://forge.jboss.org/news/2012/09/20/post-forge-1.html ).

Thanks for everyone's help on this fantastic release! Also thanks to George
for hosting an awesome Hack night! We got several big issues fixed for the
release in just a few hours!

Lincoln Baxter, III
"Simpler is better."
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