[forge-dev] Forge 2.0 and OSGi

ggastald at redhat.com ggastald at redhat.com
Mon Sep 24 19:02:10 EDT 2012


I've been done some thinking and researching for Forge 2.0 based on the 
last forge meeting we had and the current code in the 2.0 branch, and it 
seems that the architecture we're looking for is very close to OSGi 
architecture itself (regarding to plugability and modularity).

I'm also afraid that we'll face the same problems that OSGi tries to 
solve. As my current experience with OSGi is next to minimal (and 
probably to better understand why and have some arguments if someone 
asks me about it), I would like some opinions about the 
advantages/disadvantages of why not having the Forge container as an 
OSGi compliant solution.

Also, don't get me wrong: I am not trying to convince anyone of using 
OSGi into the forge core, just want to understand better why this 
architecture is not a viable solution so far. I know Lincoln is against 
using it, but I just want some arguments in case someone asks me in 
conferences and stuff :)

Of course, we need to keep using CDI and annotations as well. So if it's 
possible to have that and at the same time the modularity (and 
plugability) offered by OSGi, it would be awesome.

Looking forward for your answers !

Best Regards,

*George Gastaldi* | /Senior Software Engineer/
JBoss Forge Team
Red Hat
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