[forge-dev] Updates AS7 Plugin

James R. Perkins jperkins at redhat.com
Thu Apr 4 20:52:36 EDT 2013

Hello All,
I've spent some time the past 2 weeks attempting to clean up the AS7 
plugin. The goal was to clear up the confusing prompts and fix bugs with 
the initial approach.

I also added a couple new commands:
- override: This command allows you to override the hostname and port 
for managing servers listening on different hostnames or ports.
- print-console: This option prints the console output captured if the 
server was started with the as7 start command.

I will follow up with a PR documenting the plugin better.

If anyone feels like reviewing and/or testing the plugin to make sure it 
makes sense I would greatly appreciate it. The PR is located here 

James R. Perkins
JBoss by Red Hat

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