[forge-dev] Student introduction - Support for the Gradle build system

Adam Wyłuda adamwyl92 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 08:56:11 EDT 2013

This year I have been chosen as a GSoC participator and I'd like to say
that I'm very happy to join Forge team this summer (and I hope for longer!

My project is called "Support for the Gradle build system as a plugin for
Forge" but it actually should be named an addon instead of plugin as I'm
targeting Forge 2 API.

I have already posted it some time ago, but for those who are interested
and have not seen it, there is a link to my proposal:

There is a rough plan of what I want to do:
- find and wrap the best possible Groovy parser implementation to create a
JavaParser-like util
- study Forge Maven addon implementation, to name things which must be
obtained from the Gradle build script that are necessary to work
effectively with the Gradle projects (like dependencies, source code
location, etc.)
- get familiar with Gradle tooling API and use it along with GroovyParser
to implement Forge Gradle project addon

The most complex task for this project is probably the GroovyParser. If it
will seem to take longer than expected (with the risk that I won't be able
to complete project in time), there is an alternative solution. I could use
the simplest approach, i.e. use a tool which will traverse through Groovy
script abstract syntax tree and find a place to put a piece of code. I have
already implemented this (link in my proposal), and it seems to be
sufficient enough to use it in parts of GradleProject which require Gradle
script modification (like adding a dependency).

During the summer, I plan to work during the working days from about 12PM
to 8PM at GMT+1. Lincoln already created a repository for me on GitHub, so
you can track my progress at:

I hope I gave enough information about my work, and I also hope that I
won't disappoint you during this summer :).

~ Adam
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