[forge-dev] Student introduction - Support for the Gradle build system

Max Rydahl Andersen manderse at redhat.com
Sat Jun 8 17:52:34 EDT 2013

Sebastian, do you know if they figured out to run gradle/groovy tooling without
requring a custom patch of Eclipse JDT ? 

And Adam - really looking forward to see how this goes. Can't wait 
to see if gradle tooling can load fast enough to be usable in a forge context!


On Tue, Jun 04, 2013 at 03:26:19PM +0200, Sebastien Blanc wrote:
>On 06/04/2013 02:56 PM, Adam Wy?uda wrote:
>>This year I have been chosen as a GSoC participator and I'd like to 
>>say that I'm very happy to join Forge team this summer (and I hope 
>>for longer! :)).
>>My project is called "Support for the Gradle build system as a 
>>plugin for Forge" but it actually should be named an addon instead 
>>of plugin as I'm targeting Forge 2 API.
>>I have already posted it some time ago, but for those who are 
>>interested and have not seen it, there is a link to my proposal:
>>There is a rough plan of what I want to do:
>>- find and wrap the best possible Groovy parser implementation to 
>>create a JavaParser-like util
>>- study Forge Maven addon implementation, to name things which must 
>>be obtained from the Gradle build script that are necessary to work 
>>effectively with the Gradle projects (like dependencies, source code 
>>location, etc.)
>>- get familiar with Gradle tooling API and use it along with 
>>GroovyParser to implement Forge Gradle project addon
>>The most complex task for this project is probably the GroovyParser. 
>>If it will seem to take longer than expected (with the risk that I 
>>won't be able to complete project in time), there is an alternative 
>>solution. I could use the simplest approach, i.e. use a tool which 
>>will traverse through Groovy script abstract syntax tree and find a 
>>place to put a piece of code. I have already implemented this (link 
>>in my proposal), and it seems to be sufficient enough to use it in 
>>parts of GradleProject which require Gradle script modification 
>>(like adding a dependency).
>>During the summer, I plan to work during the working days from about 
>>12PM to 8PM at GMT+1. Lincoln already created a repository for me on 
>>GitHub, so you can track my progress at:
>>I hope I gave enough information about my work, and I also hope that 
>>I won't disappoint you during this summer :).
>>~ Adam
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>Great project Adam,
>I know personally some of the Core groovy dudes (Guillaume Laforge, 
>Cedric Champeau or Andrew for groovy eclipse plugin), so if it can 
>help at some point, just ping me (sblanc on IRC) and I could even help 
>on some groovy tasks (like AST stuff )

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