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Hi Dan,

Yeah, couldn't agree more. These examples are really eye-catching.
Also unsurprisingly they are Bootstrap-based websites too :)

However I think we need to find a perfect color combo for the Forge 
website (something "catchy" like the purple and green in Arquillian).
Any design expert volunteer to aid on this job ?

Best Regards,

George Gastaldi

On 06/12/2013 05:01 PM, Dan Allen wrote:
> Overall it's a pretty good theme. I have a few critiques, though:
> 1. The content font size should go up at least one more pixel. The 
> smaller it is, the easier it is to skim or skip.
> 2. The black text color should be no lighter than #444444 (it's 
> currently #656565). Anything less than #444444 is just being mean to 
> readers.
> 3. I'd like to see some other colors than blue and gray. It looks too 
> monotonous as is. (One of the best parts of Arquillian.org is the 
> purple and green! Don't fear color!!)
> -Dan
> p.s. Per the color point, here are some examples that pop:
> - http://jekyllrb.com
> - http://emberjs.com
> - http://pedestal.io/
> On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 1:37 PM, George Gastaldi <ggastald at redhat.com 
> <mailto:ggastald at redhat.com>> wrote:
>     I think we should use it in our website. Thoughts?
>     Início da mensagem encaminhada
>>     *De:* Ryszard Koz'mik <rkozmik at redhat.com
>>     <mailto:rkozmik at redhat.com>>
>>     *Data:* 12 de junho de 2013 16:29:55 BRT
>>     *Para:* jboss-dev-all R&D <jboss-dev-all at redhat.com
>>     <mailto:jboss-dev-all at redhat.com>>, thecore Core
>>     <thecore at redhat.com <mailto:thecore at redhat.com>>
>>     *Cc:* Pete Muir <pmuir at redhat.com <mailto:pmuir at redhat.com>>,
>>     James Cobb <jcobb at redhat.com <mailto:jcobb at redhat.com>>, Mark
>>     Newton <mnewton at redhat.com <mailto:mnewton at redhat.com>>
>>     *Assunto:* *JBoss Community Bootstrap theme release announcement*
>>     Hi,
>>     The jboss.org <http://jboss.org/> Team are proud to announce the
>>     release of the JBoss Community Bootstrap theme aimed at projects
>>     wishing to host project pages using the jboss.org
>>     <http://jboss.org/> domain name (e.g. jboss.org/
>>     <http://jboss.org/><project> or <project>.jboss.org
>>     <http://jboss.org/>):
>>     https://github.com/jbossorg/bootstrap-community/tree/
>>     <https://github.com/jbossorg/bootstrap-community>
>>     The theme is structured as an Awestruct project in order to act
>>     as a starting point for development of project pages, principally
>>     through the use of HAML layouts which have been confirmed to work
>>     well with the modified Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript. Although the
>>     CSS (LESS) and JavaScript source code are stored in the repo the
>>     intention is for projects to reference the compiled/hosted
>>     versions at:
>>     http://static.jboss.org/theme/css/bootstrap-community/ -
>>     the first part of the version number represents the version of
>>     Bootstrap being customised (here it is Bootstrap 2.3.1)
>>     http://static.jboss.org/theme/js/libs/bootstrap-community/
>>     This ensures that the L&F for all projects using the jboss.org
>>     <http://jboss.org/> domain has some form of consistency, rather
>>     than each project having their own modifications and looking
>>     slightly different. Ideally all projects will update to
>>     subsequent releases of the JBoss Community Bootstrap theme at the
>>     same time but we recognise there may be some delay which could
>>     introduce some inconsistencies.
>>     Full instructions for use can be found in the README.md
>>     <https://github.com/jbossorg/bootstrap-community/blob/> file
>>     including System Requirements and steps to fork the repo contents
>>     into your own GitHub organization in order to start your project.
>>     You can find an example project site using the latest version of
>>     the JBoss Community Bootstrap theme here:
>>     http://example.jboss.org <http://example.jboss.org/>
>>     If you'd like to report issues with the theme please use the
>>     'www.jboss.org <http://www.jboss.org/> (Awestruct)' component of
>>     the http://issues.jboss.org/browse/ORG project.
>>     Staging and Trademarked Images
>>     -----------------------------------------------
>>     In addition to the www_htdocs/<project> directories on
>>     filemgmt.jboss.org <http://filemgmt.jboss.org/> that contain the
>>     production versions of your project websites you can now upload
>>     files to a stg_htdocs/<project> directory in order to test them
>>     first on a staging domain name, e.g. <project>-stg.jboss.org
>>     <http://stg.jboss.org/>
>>     Similarly you can now upload any Red Hat trademarked images such
>>     as project logos, banners and desktops to an
>>     images_htdocs/<project> directory which makes them accessible
>>     from http://static.jboss.org/images/<project>
>>     <http://static.jboss.org/images/%3Cproject%3E> as per legal
>>     requirements. These can then be referenced in your project pages.
>>     This release was a combined effort from the jboss.org
>>     <http://jboss.org/> team and Eng Ops with additional thanks going
>>     to Xavier Coulon, Jason Porter and Pete Muir for reporting issues
>>     and suggesting fixes.
>>     Best Regards,
>>     Rysiek
>>     ---
>>     Ryszard Koz'mik
>>     jboss.org <http://jboss.org> Team
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