[forge-dev] Questions about migrating git-tools to Forge 2

Ivan St. Ivanov ivan.st.ivanov at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 16:14:54 EDT 2013

Hey folks!

This weekend I've been hacking on migrating the git-tools to Forge 2 (
https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1128). And I can say that I have
pretty much finished the task (although I haven't started yet with the
git-tools-tests, but I will do that as well).

And I have the following questions and observations:

1) How do you declare that a UI command requires to be executed in the
context of a project or in a context of a certain resource? In Forge 1 we
had the @RequiresProject and @RequiresResource annotations, but now we only
have @RequiresFacet (I hope it works ;)). What I do here is: implement
isEnabled and work with the initialSelection method of the UIContext to
check what is selected. BTW I find quite more declarative approaches in
Forge 1 than in Forge 2.

2) In Forge 1 we had one plugin class that represented a command with a lot
of options as methods of that class. Did I get it right that in Forge 2 I
have to create a separate UICommand implementation for every option (i.e.
method) of the plugin class? I don't say it's bad, I just want to
understand whether this is the way

3) How do you get the current resource (@Current as of Forge 1)? Is
it context.getInitialSelection().get()? How can I check that it is of any
particular type (e.g. GitIgnoreResource)?

4) Is there such a thing as setup command? I think there's no need, but
still I'd like to ask

5) If a facet has to write a message to a provider (GUI, shell), how does
it do it? Commands do that via the Result object, but I didn't get how
facets can. Or should they at all write anything?

6) I saw that some of the git commands in Forge 1 fire pickup events:
Event<PickupResource>::fire(new PickupResource(gitIgnoreResource()));
How is this done in Forge 2. I would appreciate a sample in existing plugin

7) How did you migrate existing completers? I see that the completer
interface has changed. I am afraid I can't figure out how I can rework
complete methods from Forge 1, that were using CommandCompleterState
parameter. I couldn't find samples

And of course I have some questions about the git-tools implementation that
have nothing to do with the migration:

1) At the moment the GitUtils class, which I have made an interface and
plan to export as addon, exposes some JGit classes as parameters. Do you
think it's a good idea to wrap them in our own classes like you have done
with the JDT parser API for example?

2) I see that in javaee-impl you have implemented an abstract command class
that exposes a class that returns the current project (or null):
org.jboss.forge.addon.javaee.ui.AbstractProjectUICommand. I copy-pasted the
getSelectedProject method to an abstract Git UI command class that I
created just becayse I saw that addon-ui does not have access to the
project API (outherwise I would put it in the AbstractUICommand class). Can
we find a better place for this code? In Forge 1 we just @Inject-ed a
Project instance, but now I am not sure what to do

So, that's all from me for now. Next to come - the questions about the
migration about the tests ;)

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