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Daniel Cunha danielsoro at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 16:23:55 EST 2014

Hi folks,

About FORGE-2072.

The problem is:
We have this method: ErrorPageType getOrCreateErrorPage();
I’ll propose create a ErrorPageType getOrCreateErrorPage(String erroCode);

The getOrCreteErroPage only check if web.xml has an error-page. This case,
if I want do that:

String errorLocation =

The shrinkwrap only put an error-page. This case, only 404. :)

I fixed the FORGE-2072 with 2 methods because we need specify the
WebAppDescriptor for servelet-api version, but this case erro-page is a
common feature for two version of the api. No make sense sense to have two
interface to this method.

Look this:

I think better to have:

   - getOrCreateErrorPage()
   - createErroPage()
   - etc..

WebAppDescriptor30 extends WebAppDescriptorCommons

   - methodETC()…

WebAppDescritptor31 extends WebAppDescriptorCommons

   - methodETC()..

I don’t think a valid idea create a descriptor in forge if we have the
shrinkwrap for that.

If it is a good suggestion, please.. open an issue in shrinkwrap. :)
Daniel Cunha (soro)
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