[forge-dev] Running the build on Windows

Daniel Cunha danielsoro at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 05:54:27 EDT 2014

Hi Ivan,

I don't know if aesh work ok on windows. In my last test I had many problem
and that can be the answer about forge don't run ok on windows.

On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 4:45 AM, Ivan St. Ivanov <ivan.st.ivanov at gmail.com>

> Hey everybody,
> As we discussed yesterday, a promised to run the build locally on my
> Windows computer to see if we have any issues there, fix them and only then
> address the failing builds on the build server.
> I did that, and I have the following observations:
> 1) The text addon tests failed, mostly because the patterns that recognize
> the different language elements for YAML, Groovy, JavaScript and HTML are
> built with the assumption that the end of line character is \n. You know,
> on Windows it is \r\n. So there were some tests failures. I decided to fix
> them and only then to continue. But after it took me more than two hours
> debugging and trying without much progress (fixed only YAML and most of the
> Groovy) I gave up. I then cloned the repo with git's autocrlf set to false
> and the tests passed. Nevertheless, we should fix these I guess, if we want
> our text addon to work on Windows
> 2) The JavaEE addon failed with a JVM crash (I attached the generated dump
> files from the three runs that I did). I tried to run it both as part of
> the build of the whole Forge core, as well as individually. In both cases
> it failed. I will install a newer version of the JDK and will try again.
> That is for the moment from my side. Unfortunately I spent all the time
> debugging the text addon, so didn't spend any effort on the JUnit command
> and no email for utility methods so far from me.
> Cheers,
> Ivan
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