[forge-dev] Adding @Named to an EJBs... or anywhere

Antonio Goncalves antonio.mailing at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 03:18:58 EDT 2014

When I create an EJB with Forge with the following command :

ejb-new-bean --named MyService

I get the following :

public class MyService implements Serializable

In some cases, I would need to add an extra @Named annotation. Several ways
to do it. On the EJB command itself, we could add a parameter :

ejb-new-bean --named MyService --addNamed

But I think it would be good to have something more generic that could be
used anywhere. We could use the same logic as constraint-add (that adds any
kind of constraint on any Entity) and have something like

cdi-add-qualifier --qualifier Named --target org.app.service.MyService
// or on a property, which could be useful
cdi-add-qualifier --qualifier Named --onProperty myProp
cdi-add-qualifier --qualifier Named --onMethod myMethod

Or something even more generic would be to use the Java command

java-add-annotation --annotation javax.inject.Named --target
java-add-annotation --annotation javax.inject.Named --target
org.app.service.MyService --onProperty myProp
java-add-annotation --annotation javax.inject.Named --target
org.app.service.MyService --onMethod myMethod
java-add-annotation --annotation javax.inject.Named --onProperty myProp
java-add-annotation --annotation javax.inject.Named --onMethod myMethod

Any thoughts ?

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