[forge-dev] Seems like the performance of validation is not actually due to Forge...

Max Rydahl Andersen manderse at redhat.com
Thu Jun 19 11:09:22 EDT 2014

On 19 Jun 2014, at 6:37, Lincoln Baxter, III wrote:

> Check out these results. Most of the time is actually spent in 
> Eclipse!!
> What is going on here? I profiled this for a long time, selecting all
> checkboxes, then unselecting, so it's not just a fluke.

I think what you are seeing here is that Window.open() is actually 
looping and pushing through
SWT.events for the dialog. Thus it will also count when "nothing" 

That is my guess.

I would look inside the tree of widgetSelected() what is going on there.

Another explanation would be that you somehow filtered things out in 
this view and that doesn't show up since
the %'s on the right does not add up.


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