[forge-dev] such a cozy place

Mirko Saccon mirko.saccon at libero.it
Fri May 26 05:52:33 EDT 2017


Just  wanted to show  you  a nice place we've visited recently, please take a look http://discount.undeadcowboy.com

Kind regards, Mirko Saccon

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Is she  having painful sex,  itching  or burning ?

Also what is she washing down there with ? She should be using  a very  mild soap  ( if  any)  and water- none of  that PH balancing crap, its not good for the  sensative  area 

What  is her  birth control method, if any  ?

What type of panties is she wearing ?

Also,  is she dry down there? I have had this  happen to me when  I  had BV  ( infection)  and was increasingly  dry.

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