[forge-users] Please fix MavenCoreFacetImpl getPom()

Lincoln Baxter, III lincolnbaxter at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 11:20:18 EST 2012


Could you please create a JIRA issue for this and attach your Plugin
project to it? That way I will be able to debug it and see what is going
on. I'm still not exactly sure what you are saying. I'll do my best.


On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 4:35 AM, Max Schwaab <max.schwaab at akquinet.de>wrote:

>  Hey Lincoln,
> I found this while I'm looking for the reason for the warning
> ***WARNING*** Could not resolve dependency [some-jar:jar::${some.version}]
> It appears in the installing process for my plugin from a local project after a successful build.
> To avoid this warning the mentioned method should be changed, because forge is using it internally.
> Best regards
> Max
> P.S.
> I don't get mails from the list, thats why I repeat with a new email..
> You can use properties. Have you tried the getEffectiveDependency() and
> getDirectDependency() methods in DependencyFacet?
> Chances are that you should *not* be using MavenCoreFacet. It should be
> your last resort.
> Does this help?
> ~Lincoln
> On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 6:43 AM, Max Schwaab <max.schwaab at akquinet.de <https://lists.jboss.org/mailman/listinfo/forge-users>>wrote:
> >* Hey there,*>**>* would be cool if you fix the getPom() method in the MavenCroreFacteImpl*>* class.*>**>* I'm develping a plugin for forge and its not good that you can't use*>* properties for dependency versions in your plugin pom.*>**>* Im talking about this mehtod:*>**>* @Override*>*    public Model getPOM()*>*    {*>*       try*>*       {*>*          Model result = new Model();*>**>*          // FIXME this should/can-not use the Maven Native file writer*>* if we are going to abstract file APIs*>*          MavenXpp3Reader reader = new MavenXpp3Reader();*>*          FileInputStream stream = new*>* FileInputStream(getPOMFile().getUnderlyingResourceObject());*>*          if (stream.available() > 0)*>*          {*>*             result = reader.read(stream);*>*          }*>*          stream.close();*>**>*          result.setPomFile(getPOMFile().getUnderlyingResourceObject());*>*          return result;*>*       }*>*       catch (IOException e)*>*       {*>*          throw new ProjectModelException("Could not open POM file: " +*>* getPOMFile(), e);*>*       }*>*       catch (XmlPullParserException e)*>*       {*>*          throw new ProjectModelException("Could not parse POM file: " +*>* getPOMFile(), e);*>*       }*>*    }*>**>* Cheers*>**>* Max*>* _______________________________________________*>* forge-users mailing list*>* forge-users at lists.jboss.org <https://lists.jboss.org/mailman/listinfo/forge-users>*>* https://lists.jboss.org/mailman/listinfo/forge-users*>**
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