[forge-users] Eclipse integration with newer Forge versions?

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Fri Oct 18 15:24:46 EDT 2013

[Meta:  if the answer to this is "RTFM", where is it that I should have looked?]

I'm a quiche-eating IDE user, so I'm running Forge in JBoss Tools 4.1 (on Eclipse 4.3.1), not standalone.

If I use the Forge version (1.3.3) that was bundled with JBoss Tools, all is good:  Forge "new-project" automagically generates the appropriate Eclipse artifacts (.classpath and .project), and Eclipse recognizes and displays the project.

I downloaded and unzipped Forge 1.4.2 and, in Eclipse Window -> Preferences, used Forge -> Installed Forge Runtimes to add the unpacked Forge 1.4.2 runtime and mark it as the default runtime to use.

With that setup, Forge 1.4.2 starts up fine in Eclipse and "new-project" generates a new Maven project.  But it doesn't have any Eclipse artifacts, so not surprisingly the project is invisible to Eclipse.

Probably the missing automagic is something really simple (at a guess, perhaps the embedded 1.3.3 knows it should run "mvn eclipse:eclipse" and does that, whereas perhaps my unpacked 1.4.2 doesn't get the message to do that?), but:
1. Is there something I should have configured somewhere so that the Eclipse-artifact automagic "just works" for e.g. my unpacked Forge 1.4.2 runtime, or
2. If #1 is a non-starter, should I just remember to intone something (e.g. "mvn eclipse:eclipse"?) after "new-project", or is there more to it than that?

Just for grins I tried "mvn eclipse:eclipse", which did indeed generate .classpath, .project etc but still didn't make the project visible to Eclipse (even after an Eclipse restart), so presumably there's something else needed, maybe in the .metadata for the Eclipse workspace?

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