[forge-users] Eclipse integration with newer Forge versions?

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Fri Oct 18 21:22:19 EDT 2013

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Lincoln Baxter III wrote:

Hmm, that does seem like an integration problem. My recommendation would be

against using mvn eclipse:eclipse, but rather "File --> Import --> Existing

Maven Project"

Ah, yes -- in other words, do it the m2e way, not the mvn eclipse:eclipse way.

Yes, File --> Import --> Existing Maven Project exists and (now that you have reminded me to use it) seems to work fine.

And, once I did that, there does seem to be some level of integration working between the Forge 1.4.2 shell and Eclipse -- if I use 'cd' in the Forge shell to move around between sibling projects, the Eclipse "Project Explorer" view apparently gets notified and highlights the directory that I have cd'ed to.  I don't have a mental model of how the various moving parts do/don't integrate, but this is working enough that I can keep going.  Thanks.

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