[forge-users] How does addon-git-install work ?

Antonio Goncalves antonio.mailing at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 10:49:33 EDT 2014


I still have no success on installing/running the JBoss AS addon (the one
on : https://github.com/jerr/as-forge-addon). So I thought of giving it
another try with the command addon-git-install. Is it supposed to install
an addon from Github ? If yes, this is what I do and what I get :

[Conference.java]$ *addon-git-install --url
***INFO*** Installing git addon [0/4] ...
***INFO*** Installing git addon:Cloning repository in
/var/folders/ds/w5m7dxx91t98p0s19sjcv6_00000gn/T/1396709332217-0 [0/4] ...
***ERROR*** Invalid remote: origin

What am I doing wrong ?


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