[forge-users] Whole J2EE Project breaks with Forge UI Scaffolding

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Wed Apr 16 09:47:30 EDT 2014

What's happening here is that Forge generates the JSF scaffold in the same project where the command was run (presumably your EJB project). I'm not sure if the changes performed to the project POM have materialized - it would have converted the EJB project packaging from JAR (I presume this is the original one) to WAR, and added a bunch of dependencies including the JSF dependency. Ideally, this should be deployable and not cause any problems.

But, going through this, you might want to consider having a single web project (a WAR) instead of EAR-styled project. The current scaffolding places emphasis on scaffolding UIs for JPA entities in the same project. That's why George's recommendation above would work.

Alternatively, you could start off with a single project, generate the scaffold in the same project for the JPA entities, and later perform refactoring and modularization to create the EAR-style project.

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