[forge-users] Forge 2 Eclipse problems

Paul Keogh paul.keogh at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 09:02:02 EDT 2014


I followed the instructions here;


   Install the Forge 2 Eclipse Plugin from
   restart Eclipse

This downloaded Forge 2.4.2-SNAPSHOT

When I tried to start it, I see

An internal error occurred during: "Starting Forge 2.4.2-SNAPSHOT".

org.jboss.forge.furnace.exception.ContainerException: Failed to enhance
instance of [class org.jboss.forge.addon.addons.ui.NewUICommandWizard] with
proxy for ClassLoader [ModuleClassLoader for Module
from AddonModuleLoader]

I have JBT and Forge 1.4.4 also installed - is this the issue ?

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