[forge-users] [announcement] Forge 2.5.0.Final (Coal) is released!

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On 24 Apr 2014, at 17:48, George Gastaldi <ggastald at redhat.com> wrote:

> JBoss Forge 2.5.0.Final is now available!
> The Forge Team is proud to announce that JBoss Forge 2.5.0.Final is now available! This is the best release so far.
> What’s new and noteworthy?
> Performance: We have introduced more performance enhancements in the Furnace runtime, so the shell and other features should feel quite a bit snappier. Try it out and tell us your thoughts!
> Templates addon refactoring: We refactored the templates addon with a cleaner and leaner API, check it out!
> Component Upgrades: We’ve upgraded to Weld 2.0.5.Final, Aesh 0.53 and Roaster 2.3.0.Final. More stability and new features available out-of-the-box!
> And that’s not all! Check out the issues below for more info.
> Please let us know if you encounter any issues, or have any feedback on usability, at http://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE.
> Contributors
> A huge thank you to the following contributors of this release. You are awesome:
> Matej Briskar
> FORGE-1603: AbstractJavaSourceCommand should have an overwrite flag
> FORGE-1755: NewFurnaceTestCommand should add test dependencies to POM file as ‘test’ scope, and avoid putting addon versions in the test case itself
> Ivan St. Ivanov
> Add a SetVersionCommand for the Java Compiled Projects
> FORGE-1746 Make sure that scaffolded ManyToOne relationships without one part do not throw NullPointerException upon rendering
> Robert Balent
> FORGE-1450 – Forge will correctly create enum attribute on entity.
> Adam Wyłuda
> Fix ProjectFactoryImpl.findProject() bug
> Download Forge
> Try out Forge 2 in Eclipse via our Update Site
> Use Forge 2 in your CLI / Terminal by downloading and installing the Final release. You can learn how to run the downloaded installation via our docs.
> Release Notes – 23 issues were resolved since the last release. Check out all the new stuff!
> Bug
> [FORGE-1738] – addon-git-install fails to install projects from git if the project is not available in any configured maven repository
> [FORGE-1745] – Cannot handle Freemaker templates from a main
> [FORGE-1746] – NullPointerException when running scaffolded app in Wildfly
> [FORGE-1748] – Furnace CLAC Whitelist throws NPE if accessed after removing an addon
> [FORGE-1754] – Configuration subsets are not writable
> [FORGE-1769] – API version is not being set in the addon registry file when an addon is installed
> Component Upgrade
> [FORGE-1759] – Upgrade Furnace-CDI to Weld 2.0.5.Final
> [FORGE-1765] – Upgrade to Roaster 2.3.0.Final
> [FORGE-1766] – Upgrade to Aesh 0.53
> Enhancement
> [FORGE-1015] – Java source/target versions should be configurable in JavaCompilerFacet
> [FORGE-1729] – Test harness should set the Configuration directory to use the test temp dir by default
> [FORGE-1752] – JavaEE dependencies from facets are not in the provided scope
> [FORGE-1755] – NewFurnaceTestCommand should add test dependencies to POM file as 'test' scope, and avoid putting addon versions in the test case itself
> [FORGE-1767] – Addon: new command improvements
> Feature Request
> [FORGE-1603] – AbstractJavaSourceCommand should have an overwrite flag
> [FORGE-1753] – Support InputTypes.TEXTAREA rendering in Eclipse
> [FORGE-1756] – Furnace.startAsync() should return a Future that can be used to block until the container has started.
> [FORGE-1760] – CDI Commands do not follow naming guidelines for GUI
> [FORGE-1761] – Allow @WithAttributes to configure the command line parameter name for a UICommand
> [FORGE-1762] – Generated REST resources reference a 'Customer' class
> [FORGE-1763] – Support setup of WebSockets dependencies
> [FORGE-1768] – Create "Addon: New Annotated UI Command" command
> Sub-task
> [FORGE-1450] – Cannot create an enum attribute on an Entity
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