[forge-users] as-forge-addon problem

Paul Keogh paul.keogh at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 10:57:45 EDT 2014

Hi all.

Running Forge 2.4.1 in Eclipse Luna M6, JDK 1.7.51, RHEL 6.x

I see;

[workspace_m2m]$ addon-git-install --url


***INFO*** Installing git addon      [0/4] ...

***INFO*** Installing git addon:Cloning repository in /tmp/1398696757738-0
    [0/4] ...

***INFO*** Installing git addon:Installing project into local repository
    [1/4] ...

***INFO*** Installing git addon:Removing previous addon installation
(org.jboss.forge.addon:as-parent,2.0.0-SNAPSHOT) [2/4] ...

***INFO*** Installing git addon:Installing addon
(org.jboss.forge.addon:as-parent,2.0.0-SNAPSHOT)             [3/4] ...

***ERROR*** Addon org.jboss.forge.addon:as-parent:::2.0.0-SNAPSHOT could
not be installed.


Is the as-forge-addon supported for my configuration ?

Also, as an aside, is there an equivalent for the Forge 1.x mvn command in
2.x ?

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