[forge-users] Forge 2 jpa generate entities failure

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Tue Apr 29 17:06:55 EDT 2014

After creating a project and setting up the addons, I decided to create a connection profile in the hopes that forge 2 would use those parameters for database connectivity.
I was interested to note that I was never prompted to enter a password for my jdbc connection.

As with Datasources in Forge 1, it seems that Forge 2 ignores connection profiles.

When I used the forge command jpa-generate-entities-from-tables I was prompted to enter again all the information that I previously entered when creating the connection profile.
And again, there was no prompt to enter a password for the jdbc connection.

Not surprisingly, when forge attempted to connect to the mysql  database, an "Access Denied" exception was thrown.  After a couple warnings about log4j appenders missing, forge declared ***Success*** although 0 entities were generated.

So, my questions:
1.  Rather than entering a Forge 2 command and then waiting to answer the prompts, is there a way I can find out the keywords that would be accepted by the command ?  I would prefer to specify the parameters to the command on the same line as the command itself.  I tried entering the command with ? but that was not effective....
2.  When I gave forge the config-list command, I saw a datasource from an obsolete project that I have now retired.  How do I obliterate it ?
3.  It appears that Forge 2 documentation does not exist.  When I do a command-list, the identified commands look fairly different from Forge 1.  Although I often enjoy experimenting with new technology, I need to know if Forge 2 is still experimental or is it ready to be used instead of Forge 1 ?  (I don't mind if it is experimental still .... I will adjust my expectations as needed)
4. For the Forge 2 command jpa-generate-entities-from-tables is there a way to provide forge with the password ?
5. Looking forward to the next steps in my project generation, is there a richfaces addon yet ?


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