[forge-users] How to use Forge 2.10.1.Final jpa-generate-entities-from-tables ?

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Tue Dec 2 18:49:44 EST 2014

Your commands look ok.  Some ideas to consider:
--driverLocation uses backslashes which may be incorrectly interpreted.  Try forward slashes instead.
passwords are usually case sensitive.  Are you certain your userPassword should be all uppercase ?
do not use --userPassword with the jpa-generare-entities-from-tables when using a connectionProfile
try generating the tables ithout using --databaseTables * and see if you are prompted for password or table names.

Although I am not a forge expert, it is my belief that the connectionProfile only exists during the session in which it is created.

I assume you are using these commamds from within a DOS Window - not from within Eclipse, right ?

Since we are almost neighbours, I'll retest my commands with 2.12.Final tomorrow and let you know the result.

You do not indicate what errors you are seeing that lead you to believe the generate entities failed....

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