[forge-users] create a jhipster like addons

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Wed Dec 3 04:52:55 EST 2014


   Coincidentally, we've been exploring how to support front-end development better, possibly through
* some form of integration in Forge with yeoman,
* or simply play well with yeoman, so that you can use jhipster with Forge.

  I haven't looked at jhipster in depth, so I can't answer whether we would replicate everything in Forge. Some of it may not make sense, while others would. As for security, we'd look at picketlink to work with JAX-RS (considering that the angularjs addon can generate JAX-RS resource classes), but this is not a necessity. It naturally follows that multiple addons would require changes, and that having one single addon may complicate things due to size. Is there any chance we could discuss this in depth on IRC (my handle is vineetreynolds).


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