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It helps a little. And I have a hunch as to what is going on but not sure how to fix it.

In my runtime plugin which contains my addon, I also have to put the four jars that make up the API of windup in the /lib directory and add them to the class path of the plugin. If I do not do this then any plugin dependent on the runtime plugin has no way to compile against the API. But this means these four JARs are both on the runtime path of the OSGi bundle and in the Forge addon. The difference being in the forge addon the jars are there as well as all of their dependencies.Now when my plugin loads the WindupFactory it uses Furance to do so, so I assume it is grabbing the version from the addon, but I also have class references to things like WIndupEngine which maybe causing them to be loaded from the OSGi bundle libs rather then the addon, but I am unclear on this.

I did try to no include the windup libs in the lib directory of the runtime plugin, and then used compile time only settings to get things to compile, but then at runtime eclipse complained it could not find reference to WIndupFactory.class to load it from Furnace.

So I really don't know what to try from here. Any suggestions?

Blue Skies,

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