[forge-users] Adding JavaDoc comments to a class generated using Roaster API

George Gastaldi ggastald at redhat.com
Sat Dec 27 21:27:28 EST 2014


You need to use javaClass.getJavaDoc().setFullText(...)for that matter.

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> Em 27/12/2014, às 21:55, forge-users at lists.jboss.org escreveu:
> Hi,
> I'm using Java Roaster to generate quite a large number of java source files (from structured data in a text document).  The API provides methods to retrieve Javadoc comments, but not to add them.  I can not see any way to add Java Doc class level comments or method level comments.  Does anyone know if there is any way to achieve this?
> This is an example what I would like to do.  I would like to add a line which achieves the same as the invalid final line in this code:
> final JavaClassSource javaClass = Roaster.create(JavaClassSource.class);
> javaClass.setPackage("com.company.example");
> javaClass.setName("Person");
> *javaClass.setJavaDocText("This is designed to hold information about a person.");*
> Thanks in advance if any one can help me with this
> Neil
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