[forge-users] Forge 2 jpa generate entities failure

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Fri Jul 11 00:11:51 EDT 2014

First, apologies for missing this thread until now. It seems like our email notifications weren't coming through for a while on the mailing list.

Order of arguments definitely matters in Forge 2, specifically for wizard-based commands (designed to guide inputs via <TAB> completion). However, the errors you're describing are worrisome. Could you please post and explain in detail the steps that you used when you encountered the issue? I want to make sure we get it fixed!

Also, we just (last week) launched the Forge 2 website, with the first set of documentation and examples, but we do need to put up a good database-reverse engineering tutorial. Feedback and help writing very much appreciated!

Also, Forge 2 is fairly stable, but it was a complete rewrite, there are issues, and we are always improving {emoticon:class=jive_macro jive_emote|src=https://static.jboss.org/developer/|__jive_emoticon_name=happy} Your feedback definitely helps. Thank you!


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