[forge-users] Is there any addon which creates stateless session beans?

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Mon Feb 23 07:26:01 EST 2015

Hi Seyed,

"forge uses extended transaction type and stateful session beans by default"
What do you want to mean with that? 

the javaee addon has an option to create new EJB's. the command is new-ejb if I remember well. The javaee addon is part of the forge core, so if you use the forge-offline distribution you have this option, case you don't have, you need install this addon. 
You can see the code here: core/NewEJBCommand.java at master · forge/core · GitHub (https://github.com/forge/core/blob/master/javaee/impl/src/main/java/org/jboss/forge/addon/javaee/ejb/ui/NewEJBCommand.java)

"Addon com.builder:statelessBuilder-beta,1.0.0-SNAPSHOT could not be installed."
Can you try again and share the log? 

Daniel Cunha (soro)

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