[hibernate-dev] Hibernate Search 3.1 is out: performance, robustness and new features on the menu

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Thu Dec 4 08:46:28 EST 2008

I am please to announce the GA release of Hibernate Search 3.1. This  
release focuses on performance improvement and code robustness but  
also add interesting new features focused on usability:

	• An analyzer configuration model to declaratively use and compose  
features like phonetic approximation, n-gram approximation, search by  
synonyms, stop words filtering, elision correction, unaccented search  
and many more.
	• A lot of performance improvements at indexing time (including  
reduced lock contention, parallel execution).
	• A lot of performance improvements at query time (including I/O  
reduction both for Lucene and SQL, and better concurrency).
	• Additional new features both for indexing and querying (including  
support for term vector, access to scoped analyzer at query time and  
access to results explanation).
	• And more.

Thanks to all involved, especially Hardy and Sanne who worked  
tirelessly pushing new features and enhancements and fixing bugs while  
John and I where finishing Hibernate Search in action.

Read more at http://is.gd/acml


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