[hibernate-dev] Search: dropping support for changes through IndexReader

Hardy Ferentschik hibernate at ferentschik.de
Tue Dec 16 05:22:11 EST 2008

On Tue, 16 Dec 2008 11:18:34 +0100, Sanne Grinovero  
<sanne.grinovero at gmail.com> wrote:

>>> BTW this will mean the DirectoryProvider won't be used by anybody.
>> Really?

> Sorry, of course not, I meant to say the "DirectoryProvider-specific  
> LOCK";
> It is currently used only to achieve mutual exclusion between the
> IndexWriter activity and the FSMasterDirectoryProvider's copy task, so  
> if weimplement the snapshotting it won't be useful anymore.

Ok, that I can buy :)

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