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Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Mon Apr 6 16:44:09 EDT 2009


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> From: Emmanuel Bernard <emmanuel at hibernate.org>
> Date:  April 6, 2009 19:06:40  CEDT
> To: Hardy Ferentschik <hibernate at ferentschik.de>
> Subject: Re: ignore-annotations in super classes
> Good question.
> I would say no. To do that, you would need to override the  
> superclass or interface definition.
> I think that makes it more consistent. Otherwise rules could become  
> complex, I think.
> PS I could be convince of the opposite but like the simplicity of  
> the answer.
> On  Apr 6, 2009, at 18:59, Hardy Ferentschik wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If I set ignore-annotations to true on bean, class, field or getter  
>> level, do I then also ignore the annotations placed on the  
>> appropriate level in the super classes (or other implemented  
>> interfaces in the case of class level)? I would assume thought,  
>> right?
>> --Hardy

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