[hibernate-dev] Hibernate Search DSL ideas

Navin Surtani nsurtani at redhat.com
Fri Nov 20 06:31:12 EST 2009


I was just thinking last night about a couple of things about the DSL.

Mainly, instead of having lots of return types, for example you  
created a BooleanContext and a Negatable version if the Occur clause  
was MUST. I was wondering, instead of having separate contexts, is it  
easier to have one - and then if a user calls a buildQuery() without  
sufficient information to actually build one we throw an exception?

I think this is cleaner in some ways because we don't have to create  
so many different types of class, and we're always returning the same  
instance. However, the drawback is that by this method we "allow the  
user to make a mistake" and will be needing to throw exceptions. So  
here's where the discussion starts - what are pros/cons of each system  
and which wind up being a better one to build? Personally, I think  
having a single class context is better because 1 - it's simpler to  
build and 2 - as long as classes are documented properly and  
exceptions thrown are clear as to what the issue is then we're okay.

Ideas? Thoughts?

Navin Surtani

Intern Infinispan
Intern JBoss Cache Searchable

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