[hibernate-dev] Programmatic API Doc

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Mon Nov 23 04:26:59 EST 2009

Hello Amin,
Looks good. A few omments
  - please don't update the rest of the files. Your patch is gigantic  
and it's hard to see what you have really changed vs what has been  
beautified by your editor.
  - I would not emphasize providedId so much as it's a very obscure  
feature at the moment.
  - I think I would move this section under 4. Mapping entities to the  
index structure
  - something that will probably makes things easier is to show the  
equivalent annotation-based example. People can easily compare.


On 23 nov. 09, at 08:56, Amin Mohammed-Coleman wrote:

> HI
> I've added a patch with regards to the documentation. You'll see its  
> not complete but basically I wanted to get an idea on whether the  
> structure was ok or not. I'll carry on working on it but I'd be  
> grateful if I could get your thoughts on it.
> Cheers
> Amin
> <programmaticApi23112009.patch>

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