[hibernate-dev] firing proper events after HQL?

Adam Warski adam at warski.org
Mon Nov 30 10:58:38 EST 2009


> First is that we actually only use the temporary table approach in the
> case of update/delete against 'multi-table structures'.  In a basic or
> table-per-hierarchy entity structure the temporary table is currently
> not used.  If this is something y'all agree is needed, what I can do is
> to look at making the listeners influence the decision whether or not to
> use temporary tables (currently that decision is solely based on the
> entity structure).
I think that if it's documented then the users will be able to make a conscious decision: either they deal with updating audit/search themselves, or there's a small additional overhead when executing bulk updates/deletes. I think a majority will choose to live with the small overhead :)

Is there a way to generate this table after a bulk insert, also?


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