[hibernate-dev] atomic operations for Lucene's LockManager on Infinispan

Sanne Grinovero sanne.grinovero at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 14:50:16 EDT 2009

I've spoken with Manik in IRC about this, so wanted to share this,
especially because he mentioned to ask someone to help me.

I've been busy writing a lock-stress-test for our implementation for
Lucene's Lock and Lockfactory, and got some trouble using

cache.putIfAbsent(Object key, Object value);

It appears to not behave atomically as it should.
I've confirmed the test is working when mocking the cache with a plain
ConcurrentHashMap, so next step for me is having someone
with better knowledge of Infinispan core have a look into the code; I
might have some configuration problem.

My test is attached to ISPN-227, here are some instructions:
the test to run is
org.infinispan.lucene.InfinispanLockFactoryStressTest, which creates
and uses several org.infinispan.lucene.InfinispanLock.

mvn test -Dtest=org.infinispan.lucene.InfinispanLockFactoryStressTest
-Dbind.address= -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true

The test defines 3 different cacheFactory, only one is not commented,
so please edit the code to try against a different ConcurrentMap
implementation and see what happens.
Some status will be sent to system.out.

   * MultiNodeTestCacheFactory emulates different nodes sharing state,
and each node is having n threads (using Core Infinispan's

   * ConcurrentHashMapCacheTestFactory uses Java's ConcurrentHashMap

   * LocalISPNCacheTestFactory (using

This is not intended to be committed for now, just to find out what's
wrong. Also this is not the Lock implementation as we need it, but
first this step should be fixed.



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