[hibernate-dev] Some minor improvements to Hibernate Search

Amin Mohammed-Coleman aminmc at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 10:47:48 EDT 2009

Hi All

I have been looking at the Hibernate Search codebase and I am very keen to
help out.  I have noticed some small changes I would like to purpose (very
small) and I hope I don't offend anyone by mentioning these.

1) Remove cyclic reference in JmsBackEndQueueProcessor and
JmsBackEndQueueProcessorFactory.  It seems as though the factory creates a
processor and the processor depends on the factory.  The processor only
needs the queueConnection factory and jms queue which I think should be
passed to the processor instead of passing the factory.  The object being
created should not know about the factory.

2) Create a convienence method (not sure where) that enables a user to get
the lucene document using either the fulltextsession.  So for example the
method would loook something like:
   fullTextSession.getDocument(Class<?> clazz, Serializable id);
   Under the hood it would delegate the work to the directory providers and
close the index readers.

3) Provide integration with GigaSpaces which I had started but not

4) Integration with Spring and maybe Spring Integration.

Sorry if my mail is brief however I would be happy to discuss any of the
points further.

Kind Regards

Amin (amin-mc on the forums)

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