[hibernate-dev] Infinispan QueryFactory API and lazy class addition into lucene

Navin Surtani nsurtani at redhat.com
Mon Sep 7 13:22:46 EDT 2009

Hello guys,

Was talking with Galder on Friday about how we were to implement the  
new QueryFactory API into Infinispan. A main issue was how we could  
pass the classes to Hibernate Search. It's currently done in the  
SearchableCacheFactory upon creation of the SearchableCache.

We were wondering if it's possible to give the classes to Hibernate  
Search lazily? So for example, is there a way to give the class to a  
SearchFactoryImplementor when that type is added into the Cache for  
the first time?

Also - if it's not possible, is there a feasible way for us to build  
this into Hibernate Search? Maybe just create a new instance of the  
SearchFactoryImplementor (assuming this won't throw away a lot of the  
data required for lucene etc)?


Navin Surtani

Intern Infinispan
Intern JBoss Cache Searchable

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