[hibernate-dev] Patch for HHH-272: Custom SQL for column gets and sets

Rob Hasselbaum rob at hasselbaum.net
Mon Sep 7 19:15:27 EDT 2009

On 09/07/2009 06:37 PM, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
> What is this doing that a parameterized custom type can't do ? Is this 
> "just" to get a cleaner hbm.xml syntax or ?
> /max

Hi Max,

It addresses two issues that a custom type cannot address. First, it 
enables calling database functions that don't have an equivalent (or 
efficient) Java implementation. And second, since the conversion logic 
happens inside the database, relational operations can be applied to the 
decoded value such as sorting and non-equality searching.

For example, my primary use case is encryption. We have implemented an 
encryption package inside Oracle and we don't wish to replicate that 
logic in Java. But more importantly, there are certain fields that the 
business has told us we must encrypt (for example, the user's last 
name), but we still need to be able to sort on the plain text values and 
do partial-match searches using the LIKE operator. This can't be 
achieved with a custom type; the conversion must happen inside the database.

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