[hibernate-dev] [infinispan-dev] [HSearch] DSL for Lucene queries (was: Re: Query module new API and configurations)

Sanne Grinovero sanne.grinovero at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 08:51:03 EDT 2009

2009/9/3 Emmanuel Bernard <emmanuel at hibernate.org>:
> I don't see how people would nicely have access to the right bridge
> implementation

I did't mean to give a reference the the right bridge, just that if people
were defining a custom bridge, they may use it.
If they don't specify  bridge, we select the appropriate one basing on the type

By selecting I mean using the ones in "builtInBridges" map in BridgeFactory;
we could use the map by reading the type at runtime or overload the method:

<T> void from(T lowerBoundary, StringBridge<T> bridge){
void from(int lowerBoundary){
   from( lowerBoundary, BridgeFactory.INTEGER);
void from(boolean lowerBoundary){
   from( lowerBoundary, BridgeFactory.BOOLEAN);

It's a bit verbose for us, but should be good to use.

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