[hibernate-dev] trunk project layout

Hardy Ferentschik hibernate at ferentschik.de
Fri Sep 11 08:38:23 EDT 2009


I am just wondering if you could elaborate what exactly the problem with  
the release.
I think so far you are the only one who actually did a release for Core  
using the current setup.

Hibernate Search and Validator also use the maven release plugin and there  
is works just fine.
Admittedly the project structures are much simpler there.

Since you seem most annoyed about the release plugin, couldn't we just  
extend it or write our own?
You already put so much work into custom maven plugins, what's the  
difference with the release plugin?

Picking up on Max's comment - the parent directory for the master pom is  
really not needed anymore.
I think pretty much all IDE can handle now a proper maven module setup.

Last but not least, regarding your problem of building only sub modules  
 from the command line.
I personally build always from the top level directory. If I want to build  
a single submodule I
use the '--project' command line options. I also found somewhere a bash  
completion script for maven
(if someone is interested I can post it here) so I can just type 'mvn  
--project' and expand the
sub modules by using the tab key. This approach served me well in  
Validator the last few month.


On Fri, 11 Sep 2009 07:07:40 +0200, Steve Ebersole <steve at hibernate.org>  

> I am not happy with the way hibernate is built currently (see
> http://in.relation.to/12116.lace for part of the details).
> One thing I do not like currently is the way "release related" stuff and
> "code" are mixed.  To me, I'd really prefer that "release" be something
> that was a separate "lifecycle" (to borrow the Maven terminology) on the
> root project where we ran the jdocbook plugin and generally built the SF
> release assemblies.
> Anyway, I wanted to throw the idea out there to get feedback and see
> what suggestions folks have.

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