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Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Thu Aug 26 15:15:02 EDT 2010

The CaveatEmptor app was doing that. I think it's a good idea. Christian told be it was quite popular.

That being said, I think the getting started guide explaining the tutorial should keep an embedded copy of the sources (at least partial - showing the code on the focused feature) to show people how to do things even if they don't download the sources per se.


On 26 août 2010, at 20:21, Steve Ebersole wrote:

> http://opensource.atlassian.com/projects/hibernate/browse/HHH-5441
> There was a suggestion to externalize all the tutorial source into a
> separate zip to make it even easier to get started.  So as a user I'd be
> able to download the tutorials.zip (with or without the "getting started
> guide"), extract it and be up and running.  The actual documentation
> would then not have to have the contents of all these files in total,
> which help cut down on the size as well, though might make it not as
> easy to follow, not sure.
> Curious what y'all thought about this based on other tutorial sets you
> have run across and used.
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