[hibernate-dev] R: [HSearch] Configuration properties

Hardy Ferentschik hibernate at ferentschik.de
Mon Jul 12 10:06:39 EDT 2010


not sure whether we can get rid of WeakIdentityHashMap. There are other  
uses for this class
not only ContextHolder. However, I think we could remove ContextHolder and

The default constructor in FullTextIndexEventListener could be deprecated  
and throw a
SearchException to ensure people remove the explicit listener  
configuration from their
config files.

I've attached a patch in case. Have a look at let me know what you think.

If we go ahead with these changes we have to move the enableXYZ  
enableHibernateSearch,enableLegacyHibernateValidator) from  
into Configuration.buildSessionFactory.



On Mon, 12 Jul 2010 14:36:09 +0200, Sanne Grinovero  
<sanne.grinovero at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2010/7/12 Hardy Ferentschik <hibernate at ferentschik.de>:
>> Hi Sanne,
>> I guess you are referring to HSEARCH-517 and the WeakHashMap in
>> ContextHolder.
>> Reading through the comments I am wondering whether we couldn't  
>> deprecate
>> the default constructor in FullTextIndexEventListener now? The
>> annotation module in Core has now been merged with the core module so
>> ContextHolder seems obsolete.
>> I am all up for it especially if this opens the door to exposing the
>> configuration
>> properties in SearchFactory.
> +1
> I've also had many needs for the configuration in the past, it's
> always been hard to workaround this limitation, and harder yet to make
> sure we wouldn't leak memory (and I'm still not convinced about that).
> Also then we could remove
> org.hibernate.search.util.WeakIdentityHashMap, a hard to understand
> and to maintain class.

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