[hibernate-dev] New HSQLDialect

Fred Toussi fredt at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jul 13 13:32:18 EDT 2010

I have attached the new version to HHH-5381.

The Hibernate test suite runs with few errors with HSQLDB 2.0.1 snapshot
(jars are at http://hsqldb.org/support/)

Several tests contain SQL that works only with a few products. I have
listed these issues on Jira HHH-5376 and HHH-5325. Most of the issues
can be fixed with minor changes to the SQL.

HSQLDB 2.0.1 has some rule enforcement settings that can be used as
connection or URL properties, all listed here:
See the properties beginning with "sql.".

Some rules are relaxed by default, but if they are all turned on, more
tests result in failure.

Please review and ask any questions. I will help both with HSQLDB issues
and with general SQL issues.

Fred Toussi

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