[hibernate-dev] Entity name in the context of JPA2 meta model (HHH-5709).

Tomasz Blachowicz tblachowicz at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 07:35:00 EDT 2010


I had been working recently on some stuff that deals with JPA2 meta model.
Hibernate is my JPA2 provider/engine. Everything works fine except one
little thing that is name of the Entity. I'd expect that value returned by
EntityType.getName() would be the same as @Entity.name but not the FQN of
the entity class. Although this is not explicitly stated in the JPA2
specification it is reasonable to expect that @Entity.name or the default
value (shortened class name) is the name of the entity used in queries ans
well as other places such as meta model. I know the topic of entity name was
discussed  many times in the past (HHH-2597, HHH-4375, HHH-4465, HHH-5709),
and the rationale has been given for current implementation of Hibernate,
however the topic hasn't been touched in the context of meta model that is
new stuff added in JPA2.

I just wanted to know what is your thinking with regards to the matter at
this stage and how likely is implementation of Hibernate would change to
match EntityType.getName with @Entity.name.

I just have spilled the entire cup of fresh coffee on my desktop while
writing this message. The mouse seems to be drowned :|


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