[hibernate-dev] [HSEARCH] JIRA guidelines

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Mon Dec 5 07:04:43 EST 2011

Sorry that's likely me moving out issues from 4.0, for what I can
certainly judge we won't be adding in 4.0 anymore, but at the same
time don't feel certain enough to remove them from schedule so I just
moved them to the next one:
for most of these 4.1 is a better guess than the current 4.0 so I hope
it's an improvement ;)

Most are still rather important or have proof of concepts / some
design done already, or are just trivial changes but not safe enough
to apply to current 4.0 CRs, so I believe in most cases it's the
correct target; for those you don't agree with please point them out
or drop them

I agree some of the *already existing* issues from 4.1 should be moves
out, like:

 - HSEARCH-269 Spell check functionality needed (depends on John)
 - HSEARCH-376 Delegate search to remote nodes and aggregate (far too
complex to do in short time)
 - HSEARCH-794 Make FilterCachingStrategy a SPI (maybe?)
 - HSEARCH-633 Allow definition of annotations at package-level in
package-info.java (not urgent/important?)
 - HSEARCH-868 Support DISTINCT select on single field projection (not

and possibly more?


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