[hibernate-dev] CacheKey serialization

Alex Snaps alex.snaps at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 09:49:12 EST 2011

Hey guys,
Some user on our forum refers to a jira he filed on the Hibernate bug
tracker : HHH-6880
I believe this was introduced in 3.6 when HHH-5182 was addressed. Am I
missing something or is this a genuine issue ?
When clustering with Terracotta, we use our own Serialization
mechanism that will not be affected. But users using persistent
caches, or replicated caches would suffer from this afaict. So would
users of 2 level-cache that do use on "plain-old Java Serialization".
Anyways, just wanted to get your opinion on this.

Alex Snaps <alex.snaps at gmail.com>
Senior Software Engineer - Terracotta

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