[hibernate-dev] UserType.nullSafeSet() and nullSafeGet() in H4

Gail Badner gbadner at redhat.com
Thu Feb 17 21:38:48 EST 2011

I noticed that UserType.nullSafeSet() and nullSafeGet() don't have a 
SessionImplementor argument, but those methods in CompositeUserType do 
have it.

This might not make a difference in 3.6.x, but in H4, not having the 
SessionImplementor argument makes it impossible to do dynamic type 
overrides specified by the dialect.

As an example, suppose a UserType delegates nullSafeGet()/nullSafeSet() 
to StandardBasicTypes.BLOB.nullSafeGet()/nullSafeSet(). True, the 
UserType could delegate to the proper type (streaming or lob-binding). 
To be able to use the same UserType for, say, both Oracle and 
PostgreSQL, it would have to be possible to do the override based on 

I think the right thing to do is add the SessionImplementor argument for H4.



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