[hibernate-dev] Hibernate Development Environment

Hardy Ferentschik hardy at hibernate.org
Sat May 7 16:30:50 EDT 2011

Hi Thamayanthi,

first of, your build should work under Windows. I guess there are,  
however, not many
of us developing under windows so there might be an issue.

>  I have downloaded the hibernate 3.6 code from git.

If you got the source code from git and you are using gradle you are  
actually compiling
Hibernate 4. That the current development trunk. If this is what you are  
after fine.
If you really need 3.6 you will need to check out the 3.6 branch which  
then will use Maven
instead of Gradle.

> Environment:
> Windows Vista, 64bit, Eclipse Galieo. The problem which i faced was  
> gradle script hibernate-distribution project failing when
> ${project.basedir} replaced with actual as windows placing path with "\"
> than "/". So while running throws exception invalid character.

Do you have a stack trace? I recommend you create an issue here
It seems you already have a solution as well. Make sure to include it as  
well :-)
Btw, do you really need to build the distribution bundles? If this is the  
problem you should be fine ignoring this problem for now.


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