[hibernate-dev] Hibernate OGM

Alex Snaps alex.snaps at gmail.com
Wed May 11 09:12:39 EDT 2011

I've taken some time and, in an attempt to port Hibernate OGM to use Ehcache instead of Infinispan, abstracted it from Infinispan.
As the doc on that task states, I've made all calls use ConcurrentMap (rather than Map actually). I had a little trouble understanding the "Skip locking proposed by Sanne" in OgmTableGenerator.doWorkInCurrentTransactionIfAny, so that this does a simple Map.get now (that might have been a specialization for a Dialect, but couldn't understand what it was all about). 
And finally introduced a new hibernate.grid.manager prop to instantiate the proper provider... 

The changes are available here: 

Hope that can be made useful… I also wanted to start looking into queries next. But I'll send another mail on that later.

Alex Snaps <alex.snaps at gmail.com>
Senior Software Engineer - Terracotta

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