[hibernate-dev] Hibernate Search 3.5 or 4

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Wed May 11 12:46:01 EDT 2011

To conclude this thread, there are still three notes "being discussed"
on the wiki:

1) assume exclusive_index_use=true as default
That was my proposal, I'm not sure we're all agreeing on that.
Emmanuel was concerned for the index safety but I replied that it
doesn't remove locking.

2) Make it possible to configure different backends per index (there
can currently be only one backend
Another proposal, the wiki points out the 3 main reasons to do that:
    * tune different backends for different purposes
    * make it possible to have sync / async on different entities/indexes.
    * use different clustering/replication options or even
technologies per index

3)Service instances
for the public extensions points sometimes it's useful to pass
instances instead of mere classnames to a SearchConfiguration
    * Infinispan Query would love it to pass a self-built Directory
factory so that Search could use that to store indexes on the same
Infinispan instance (instead of starting a second cluster).

So if we clarify this plan I'd like to start filling up JIRAs, we can
then mark the most urgent ones for the next alpha and try making a

We especially need to coordinate on some of the issues, as if one of
us is going to change all package names while the other rewrites the
indexmanager, that creates some work we could avoid.


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