[hibernate-dev] Configuration as data for generating metamodel

Hardy Ferentschik hardy at hibernate.org
Mon May 23 04:51:30 EDT 2011


I don't see what we would gain by this. In fact I don't know how you want  
do this. The way forward is the new metamodel.

Given the current state I don't believe into a beta1 either (at least not
w/ the functionality we discussed), but if we are looking for a way out,
I don't think this is it.


On Mon, 23 May 2011 10:19:19 +0200, Gail Badner <gbadner at redhat.com> wrote:

> I've been thinking about how we can have the metamodel API in place in  
> time for the 4.0.0.beta1.
> One alternative is to use a fully built o.h.cfg.Configuration to provide  
> the data for generating the new metamodel.
> This is obviously not what we would want in the end, but in the near  
> term it would give us the data with everything already resolved.
> It would be available sooner so Steve could get going more quickly on  
> building the SessionFactory/persisters.
> I've thought of 2 ways we could use the Configuration:
> 1) create a separate type of metamodel source for Configuration data  
> (e.g., org.hibernate.metamodel.source.configuration) and use data from  
> this source to generate the metamodel.
> 2) use Configuration for binding missing data (what we haven't finished)  
> from annotations and hbm sources; as more data is available, we can  
> remove the references to Configuration.
> Comments?
> Gail
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